Increasing broadband service penetration demands a transport network that delivers significantly lower cost-per-bit than traditional circuit-switched networks, and Ethernet provides the technology baseline for a cost-effective transport technology. Walker and Associates provides timing and synchronization solutions to maximize a telecom network’s performance and ability, while bringing a new level of flexibility and dynamic configuration to the network. The quality of timing and synchronization that telecommunication operators put into their network impacts the quality of service (QoS) of their voice, video and data services. Better timing and better synchronization means better Quality of Service (QoS) for voice, video, and data services customers demand.

Walker provides end-to-end scalable timing solutions to deliver accurate time synchronization across IP and legacy infrastructure, ensuring seamless operation of time sensitive applications. Examples of these solutions include:

IEEE 1588/Precision Timing Protocol (PTP)

Address a wide variety of applications ranging from precise carrier class synchronization and precise time stamping to the test and measurement of PTP networks. These solutions provide the flexibility, reliability and precision you need to accelerate PTP migration and benefit from lower-cost, higher-capacity packet-over-Ethernet network infrastructures without sacrificing precise timing and synchronization requirements.


Building Integrated Timing Supplies (BITS), also known as Sync Supply Units (SSU), distribute precise frequency and time to equipment in central offices so voice, video and data traffic are transported reliably and efficiently throughout the network.

Carrier Grade NTP Solutions

Wireline and wireless telecommunication networks need to provide the same quality assurance for high-speed Next Generation digital services that they have for their traditional phone services. Carrier grade NTP solutions bring high precision, high availability, security, robust management and easy infrastructure integration to telecom operators, thus assuring QoE and QoS throughout the network.