TAC Services

WalkerFirst TAC supports leading networking and security manufacturers, enabling you to bring your support needs under a single service provider. Our maintenance programs increase operational effectiveness while reducing operating costs by streamlining access to top-caliber OEM certified engineers, and versatile SLA options. While your staff focuses on running the business, we provide the technical and logistics expertise to keep your network running smoothly.

WalkerFirst TAC Maintenance

Protect your network investments and minimize downtime for systems running mission-critical applications with WalkerFirst TAC. We provide our network maintenance contract customers with a wealth of problem-solving resources and expertise, via email and/or by telephone:

  • Fault reporting
  • Operational problem resolution
  • Emergency recovery expertise
  • Tier 1-3 remote assistance
  • Engineer onsite (for our customers with onsite FE contracts)
  • Problem escalation
  • Material defect investigation and root cause analysis
  • Maintenance and troubleshooting assistance
  • Procedural advice

With every service request, you can expect:

  • Expert assistance by telephone or email for information related to product use and troubleshooting.
  • Response times within 15 min (P1), 30 min (P2), 4hr (P3) and 8hr (P4) during your support window (8x5, 12x5 or 24x7).
  • You will receive automated service request status updates at regular intervals.
  • You will receive a comprehensive solution to your problem. We will continue our efforts until you are satisfied that your network has returned to the performance levels attained prior to discovery of your problem.
  • If at any time you are not satisfied with TAC Support, you can escalate your request.

How can Walker offer this service platform?

Walker has developed multiple elite partnerships and leverages these relationships to provide superior Technical Assistance Center (TAC) services. For 50 years Walker has continually built a multi-layered service platform to assist our customers in designing, purchasing and deploying networks. With WalkerFirst TAC, we now extend those services to operations. In addition to WalkerFirst TAC, Walker delivers value-added services including network architecture and design, installation services, engineering services, Customer Asset Management Program (CAMP) services, custom kitting, and integrations service to this market. WalkerFirst TAC is the latest service and extends Walker and Associates into the 24x7x365 support profile with certified OEM engineers.