Smart Grid

Utility network modernization and Smart Grid implementation are challenges that many utility companies face today. Smart Grids increase connectivity, automation and coordination, and also maximizes efficiency of complex processes.

Effective communication is a key component of the Smart Grid. Utility communications networks require real-time solutions to monitor, manage customer consumption, power generation, transmission, while providing the highest level of security to safeguard consumer information.

The challenge for utility telecom planners is to choose the right telecommunications technologies and network architectures from a wide variety of options available in the market. Utilities require a solution that goes beyond carrier-class. Additionally, it is important to select one that can be shared among multiple applications with capacity to support traditional utility functions and the flexibility to adapt to new requirements. It must also be highly reliable, highly secure and scalable.

Walker and Associates offers a wide range of network solutions to support the Smart Grid. Examples of these applications and solutions include:

Signaling Transport and Aggregation

Deploy a scalable and robust next-generation network with a wireless or Carrier Ethernet solution optimized for today’s Smart Grid. These solutions provide unique, powerful, and feature rich services, as well as provide the flexibility to support the collection and aggregation of smart grid controls.

Outside Plant

Supported by industry leading technologies, Walker provides a diverse offering of outside plant solutions with products such as enclosures, cabinets, copper and fiber cable, splicing and termination, and underground solutions.

Power Distribution

With network reliability a top priority, reliable power distribution and protection is imperative. Walker offers a complete line of fuse and breaker panels including GMT panels, TPA and KLM combo fuse panels, Type 70 panels, battery distribution bays, fuses, breakers and more.


Secure the essential synchronization of timelined events, scheduled power flows, monitored line frequencies and line fault detection. Timing and synchronization solutions deliver the accuracy, precision, automation and flexibility that meet the demands of the world’s power grids.