What is PEPPM?

PEPPM is called the “Pennsylvania Education Purchasing Program for Microcomputers”. PEPPM initially started as a state contract for Pennsylvania and California however it has quickly spread into a nationwide contract.

PEPPM bids on behalf of thousands of schools and agencies - public schools, vocational/technical schools, approved private schools, intermediate units, nonpublic schools, approved private schools, charter schools, community colleges as well as public libraries. And, with vendor approval and permissible by statute, four year colleges and universities, local and state governments and other non-profit agencies are eligible.

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What's Available from Walker and Associates on PEPPM?

  • ADVA Optical Networking
  • Ciena
  • CommScope
  • Grandstream
  • Zyxel
  • 6Connect

Who Can Order Through PEPPM?

  • E-Rate orders
  • Public school districts
  • Charter schools
  • County offices of education
  • Joint powers authorities
  • Community colleges
  • Special districts
  • Government agencies
  • Local municipalities
  • Related county, municipal authorities, special districts�and other non-profit organizations
  • California water districts

Primary Contact

Evan Kline

PEPPM Buyers Guide

For more information, please review the PEPPM Buyers Guide's_Guide.pdf

PEPPM Resources

PEPPM Program
90 Lawton Lane, Milton, PA 17847
855-654-5290 (toll free)