Outside Plant

Walker and Associates provides a diverse offering of outside plant (OSP) products and solutions supported by industry-leading technologies. The engineering, installation, integration, and sales teams at Walker are always available to help with your OSP deployment. Walker’s integration and installation services have been strategically involved with many DSL overlay projects combining remote DSLAM products with OSP cabinets and hardware. The large number of manufacturers that we have access to allows us to combine the best products from each manufacturer to provide high performance, multi-vendor solutions.

Our certified specialists, integration, and installation teams have also been involved with hut installations as well as providing hardware, fiber equipment, and electronics for CEV applications. Walker offers warehousing solutions to meet various OSP product needs. Our indoor and outdoor storage facilities with material handling capabilities accommodate many large multi-node FTTH.

Enclosures and Cabinets

Simplify network installation, maintenance and management from the central office/head-end to the outside plant with a diverse portfolio of indoor and outdoor enclosures, cabinets, pedestals, fiber distribution hubs, building entrance terminals, cross connect cabinets, backhaul cabinets, NIDs and more.

OSP Cable

With thousands of different types of optical fiber, copper and wire designs available, Walker’s cabling products serve virtually any application required for OSP installations including fiber optic cable, direct buried cable, grounding cable, copper cable, drop cables, and more.

Underground Solutions

Walker offers cost efficient and durable underground solutions such as inner duct, conduit, vaults, and manholes.

Splicing and Termination

Splice closures can be ordered in a variety of configurations to maximize efficiency and minimize up-front cost. A full line of accessories are also available including splice trays, sealing kits, and hardware mounting options.

Pole Line Hardware

Walker’s common pole line hardware products include anchors, nuts, bolts, dead ends, clamps, fasteners, grounding products, and more.

Power Solutions

Support critical voice and communications networks with dependable power that is designed to withstand the most rigorous network power applications available in many different configurations.