Wilcom has been manufacturing reliable, easy-to-use telephone line test equipment and transmission products since 1967. Our products include one-of-a-kind optical fiber testers and hard-to-find telecommunication test sets.

Telephone, CATV, and LAN industries use Wilcom devices for much more than testing, maintaining and installing networks. We also offer a full range of transmission repeaters, line-powered amplifiers and loop extenders.

Wilcom believes in long-term, mutually beneficial relationships. More than 95% of our revenue comes from repeat business. Our expanding base of international and domestic distributors and manufacturer's representatives extends to the Pacific Rim, Canada, Europe and Latin America.

xDSL Splitters

Wilcom's full complement of broadband accessories includes central office and customer premises DSL splitters for peak Internet performance of video and other data-rich content.

Fiber Optic Test Equipment

Network service providers, carriers and optical fiber cable and systems installers rely on Wilcom loss test kits, OTDRs, optical fiber identifiers and more.

Line Treatment Products

Wilcom's hard-to-find line treatment products help the telecommunications industry deliver the performance the customer expects. Products include line powered amplifiers, attenuators and RFI Filters.

Telecommunications Test Equipment

Wilcom solves noise and transmission problems with unique copper loop test equipment. Devices include artificial test lines, longitudinal balance test set, cable shield test sets, subscriber loop test sets and more.

Optical Wiring Solutions

Rack and wall mount patch enclosures are designed for direct termination of up to 144 fibers. These enclosures accommodates up to 12 modular panels and are equipped with routing guides to limit bend radius and enhance strain-relief control. The heavy-duty metal body provides excellent protection for the inside fibers. A large variety of connector adapters are offered to meet your specific requirements. MTP module cassettes and module preassemblies are available for easy fiber installation and management.