Westell designs carrier-class equipment that delivers high-speed communications for telecommunications operators and internet service providers throughout North America.

The Westell vision has remained unchanged during our more than 30-year history. We provide innovative, highly engineered solutions that make it easy for carriers and service providers to give their customers more – more content, more services and more capabilities.

By continually seeking solutions to emerging needs, Westell ensures its customers win the complex triple play of networked data, voice and media services. Our award-winning products and services include digital transmission, remote monitoring, power distribution and demarcation products used by telecommunications service providers and industrial customers.

Reliability is the hallmark of Westell's products, which are engineered and manufactured to a defect-free standard, lowering the total cost of ownership for our customers.

Cell Site Optimization

Westell offers best-in-class cell site optimization products including tower mounted amplifiers, multicarrier power boosters, multicouplers and duplexers. With performance that is significantly better than the competition, these products allow wireless operators to increase coverage and improve network performance.

DAS Interface Panels

DAS Interface Panels provide adjustable attenuation of the RF power levels between the BTS and headend equipment. These panels are optimized for both indoor (iDAS) and harsh outdoor (oDAS) environments.

Ethernet Solutions

Westell offers a line of temperature-hardened Ethernet switches designed especially for "edge" applications on the perimeter of the network where industrial devices are connected.

Power Distribution

With network reliability a top priority, engineered power distribution and protection is imperative. Westell/Noran Tel has been engineering and manufacturing power distribution solutions for the telecommunications industry for over 20 years. We have your network power distribution covered, offering a complete line of cost effective fuse and breaker panels.

Remote Site Monitoring

The SiteVu™ remote monitoring product provides complete visibility to remote sites from the user's desktop, giving the user a real-time monitoring solution. SiteVu™ is a compact, flexible, powerful remote monitor that can be used in many applications.

Cabinets, Enclosures, and Mountings

Westell delivers a full line of outdoor cabinets, Ethernet outdoor enclosures, SONET/TDM enclosures, and indoor mountings for DS1/T1 deployments.

Copper/Fiber Connectivity

Westell carries a comprehensive line of indoor enclosures, equipment SwingRacks, panels, and couplers.