Tripp Lite

Tripp Lite

Tripp Lite is a global manufacturer of power and connectivity solutions for people and organizations that depend on their technology. From uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) to KVM switches, surge suppressors to cables, rack enclosures to power distribution units (PDUs), we offer more than 2,000 products that enable our customers to organize, connect, control and protect their critical computer and electronic equipment.

Tripp Lite's comprehensive product line and service network have evolved over a span of more than 85 years. With over 16 million Isobars and 6 million UPS systems sold, Tripp Lite continues to adapt to the unique needs of its customers. New Tripp Lite UPS system innovations include digital models with LCD displays, “hot-swap” modular models that provide 100% availability and 3-phase models in space-saving cabinets. Additional product line introductions have included notebook accessories, audio/video power protection and replacement batteries.

Today, Tripp Lite is an ISO 9001 company that is committed to increasing the business availability and profitability of its customers.

UPS Systems & Accessories

Protect PCs, servers, VoIP/telecom and more with reliable battery backup.

Power Distribution Units (PDUs) and Accessories

Improve power distribution, manageability and reliability with multiple AC outlets.

Racks, Enclosures, and Cooling

Organize, secure and cool server, networking and telecom equipment.

Surge Suppressors

Protect PCs, peripherals and all electronics from surges and line noise.

KVM Switches and Console Servers

Local or remote access and control of multiple network/data center devices.

Cables & Connectivity

Get connected with a full line of solutions for every application.

Power Inverters

Power laptops, tools, electronics and more in the absence of household AC power.

Power Strips

Place reliable AC outlets wherever you need them.