Tii Network Technologies

Tii Network Technologies

For nearly 50 years, Tii Network Technologies, Inc., has been an industry leader that designs, manufactures and markets reliable networking products to the communications industry. Headquartered on Long Island, NY, and serving a global market, Tii has an experienced team in place to deliver quality designs, services and products that exceeds customers’ expectations.

As technology developments brought new challenges and needs to communication providers, Tii expanded its products and solutions to meet those needs. Today, we have grown to become a world class provider of NIDs, gateways and home networking products, overvoltage surge protection, and connectivity solutions for the communications industry.


Tii's wire terminal connectivity solutions for broadband-enabled services and network management are designed for easy installation, minimum maintenance, and maximum protection. Our gel-sealed IDC terminations can reduce installation time and increase reliability, which means decreased costs and increased customer satisfaction. Our wire terminal line covers a broad range of 'service' and 'customer' connections.

Fiber Optics

Tii's families of fiber optic products are designed to provide cable management and connectivity between the OSP fiber drop and customer fiber drop. Our compact, craft-friendly enclosures are available for use in both single-family units (SFUs) and multi-dwelling units (MDUs).

With the recent acquisition of Frederick Fiber Optics, Tii now has the capability to manufacture a wide variety of high performance fiber optic cable assemblies, wall and rack mounted fiber distribution panels, and miscellaneous fiber accessories and services.

NIDs / Building Entrance Terminals

The network interface device (NID) is one of the most critical links in the telecom chain. The technology on the inside, as well as the durability of the box on the outside, must deliver seamless, reliable service to your customer, as well as ensure efficient and cost-effective operation to you. Tii’s NIDs do both.

On the outside, our NIDs are built with rugged, weather resistant polycarbonates that protect from heat & cold, UV degradation, and chemical exposure. Inside, these devices accommodate a variety of our state-of-the-art, proprietary surge protection technologies, electronics, and DSL and fiber components, to enhance network performance and reliability.

DSL/Broadband Products

As the Triple Play market grows, service providers are discovering that the largest consumer markets is in existing homes, where POTS and Coax cable make conversion to broadband costly, time consuming, and inconvenient. Tii designs and manufactures products that seamlessly deliver high-speed networked broadband services to the home, without the need for new wiring, reducing installation and maintenance costs for service providers.

Overvoltage Surge Protection Products

Tii has been delivering unparalleled surge and lightning protection for over 40 years. Our protection products have always been engineered to meet the most demanding requirements for ensuring safety and reliability.

Our overvoltage surge protection product lines protect equipment, people, and property while increasing equipment reliability and reducing maintenance costs.