Thermo Bond Buildings

Thermo Bond Buildings

For more than two decades, Thermo Bond Buildings has been dedicated to the familiar proposition: Whatever the customer wants… the customer gets. That’s because at Thermo Bond Buildings we “get it.” We get that it’s not enough to provide quality equipment shelters and custom cabinets. That only gets us in the game. We get that our customers demand a convenient ordering process, fast and friendly customer service representatives who are never more than a phone call away, and integration specialists who can engineer, procure and install whatever technology is specified. We get that it’s important to be flexible when a customer needs to change a specification, or needs a lead time shortened in order to make a critical deadline. We also understand that customers don’t want to hear excuses on why their order wasn’t delivered on time, or on budget. And our technicians and licensed electricians are on top of the changes sweeping the construction industry, which is why they’re designing new energy efficient systems and finding innovative ways to make our operations leaner. At Thermo Bond Buildings and Custom Cabinets, we’re focused on making sure our products and services completely satisfy our customers so whenever they have a new project come along – we’ll get it.


Thermo Bond equipment shelters are constructed to customer’s specifications and shipped fully assembled, including lights, outlets, air conditioners, heaters, generators, transfer panels, ventilation systems, cable ladder, grounding systems, etc. Shelters are available in sizes ranging from 4’ width x 6’ length to 24’ width by 42’ length, with standard features including a floor system, roof system, wall system, and skid assembly.

Custom Cabinets

Thermo Bond Custom Cabinets are designed and built to customer specifications the same as our buildings, but on a smaller scale. Just a few of the features we offer include custom colors, company logos, AC power distribution, air conditioning and ventilation packages, lighting, generator receptacle, DC power and battery backup, installation of network equipment, and more.