Telco Systems

Telco Systems

Telco Systems is a leader in innovative, multi-service Carrier Ethernet access and transport solutions that enable the evolution to a service-assured all IP/Ethernet/MPLS network for carriers, MSO's, service providers, municipalities and enterprise markets.

Telco Systems offers a broad base of multi-service carrier Ethernet products for both the access network and the customer edge. These diverse product offerings enable carriers to easily evolve to an all IP/Ethernet network, while preserving their existing infrastructure and minimizing customer churn.

Telco Systems' Ethernet access and edge solutions enable service providers to introduce new services to capture additional revenue by supporting mixed services across a carrier Ethernet network, realize bandwidth efficiencies in their channelized DS1 networks, and to migrate to VoIP without a forklift upgrade of the subscriber's legacy PBX and analog phones. Integrating circuit- and packet-switched technologies onto flexible platforms ensures cost-effective operation, and a purpose-built management architecture that maps easily into the provider’s existing management policy enables end-to-end service assurance and standards-based OAM features.

Voice over IP

Telco Systems' VoIP solutions enable service providers to migrate their customers' traditional analog telephones and fax machines onto IP-based networks. These solutions reduce subscribers' costs and simplifies installation eliminating the need for an external router and or switch. It also reduces service providers' costs because it's remotely manageable for software upgrades and troubleshooting.


Telco Systems' IP gateways support a wide variety of optical fiber uplinks. They are the ideal CPE solution for Service Providers looking to deliver voice, video and data over fiber to the end user. These gateways support all current VoIP signaling protocols including SIP, MGCP. Users can easily set up phone calls through the IP network while simultaneously using the gateway as a high-bandwidth enterprise network connection.

Carrier Ethernet

Carrier-class Ethernet enables service providers to leverage the ubiquity of Ethernet to provide service scalability, end-to-end service level agreements (SLAs), performance and fault management, bandwidth efficiency, and support for multiple services that will differentiate them in a very competitive market.

Ethernet Demarcation

Telco Systems offers a wide range of Ethernet demarcation products, the results of leading-edge intelligent Ethernet demarcation device development, that enable service providers to migrate their service offerings from a first generation, best-effort solution (service-unaware) to a more robust managed solution that supports an array of differentiated Ethernet First Mile OAM (operations, administration and maintenance) features, or to a fully service-aware solution that supports traffic classes, rate limiting, multiple EVCs, link aggregation and link protection, and a host of troubleshooting tools. In all cases, the provider can deploy the solution that best suits the customer's requirements without impacting the customer's network.

Multi-Service Access

Today's converging network is often a mix of TDM, Ethernet, and DSL protocols which support voice, video and data applications. Telco Systems offers solutions that enable service providers to offer their business customers a seamless migration path from TDM-based services to enhanced triple-play services. This family of single-box solutions breaks down the barriers of voice or data-only, TDM or IP-only networks and opens up new revenue streams.

Optical Transport

Telco Systems' Metrobility product family delivers a broad range of media and wavelength conversion products to create a more efficient, reliable, and manageable network. Innovative, standards-based solutions are available for copper-to-fiber and fiber-to-fiber conversion, distance extension, wavelength multiplexing (WDM), line protection and restoration (LPR), and management. These products provide a flexible, scalable, and manageable alternative to a "fork lift" upgrade to increase speed, distance or bandwidth.

Wavelength Multiplexing

Telco Systems brings a full range of management and high availability solutions to CWDM for carriers deploying mission-critical networks. Flexible and scalable, Telco Systems’ CWDM solutions support DS3, Ethernet, fibre-channel, SONET/SDH protocols as well as line protection and restoration. CWDM provides a low cost, high bandwidth solution for bringing the benefits of fiber-optic technology to the curb, business, and home. The Metrobility CWDM solutions by Telco Systems allow users to increase the capacity of existing fiber by utilizing widely spaced, separate wavelengths - between 1310nm and 1610nm - within the same fiber pair. Up to 16 different channels can be combined on a single fiber pair.


Many service providers rely on SONET fiber networks to satisfy their customers' demand for greater speed, superior quality of service (QOS) and lower transport costs. To realize the advantages of SONET, however, you need access solutions at the network edge that enable easy, cost-effective, reliable delivery of T1 tariffed services.

Telco Systems' TDM product family enables service providers to more efficiently deliver T1 services from their core transport systems and deliver voice and data over the last-mile. The wide range of product families includes distribution hubs, multiplexers, digital cross connects, multi service IADs, E/O converters and transport terminals.