At Suttle we sell more than components. We deliver networking solutions tailored to your specific needs, plans, and budget. In fast-changing markets we work with customers to design solutions that incorporate the best available technology, leverage existing infrastructure, and lay a foundation for future growth. Where cost is a critical competitive factor, we look beyond component price to total cost of ownership, designing for ease of installation and maintenance, reliability, and maximum product life. Our goal is to help you make the most of your network investment.

With over 100 years of experience, Suttle is a proven leader in the development and delivery of innovative solutions. We understand the strategic potential of your network, and we work with customers to help achieve that full potential.

As we enter our second century, Suttle continues to build on our experience to deliver complete residential connectivity solutions as well as a growing range of active networking and outside plant solutions. Instead of "me-too" commodities, we offer the real value of convenient plug-and-play components and economical right-sized solutions. We deliver the products you need and if we don't already have precisely what you need, we'll work with you to develop the right solution.

Home Distribution

Wiring a home for service can be both costly and time-consuming. Suttle can provide complete connectivity solutions; but in many cases, we can provide more cost-effective solutions utilizing a home's existing wiring. These home distribution products reduce installation time and labor costs, and significantly boost your ROI. In addition to reducing a service provider's up-front costs, the high throughput of Suttle's solutions helps eliminate potential bottlenecks to "future-proof" the installation, reducing future costs.


In the face of changing technology, the right equipment can accommodate upgrades in technology, reducing future as well as current costs. Passive premises equipment for SFU and MDU dwellings presents a variety of opportunities. In Brownfield applications, innovative new products that interact easily with existing equipment, significantly impact the cost of installation. In Greenfield applications, toolless technology can simplify installation and reduce labor costs. These technologies can even allow for customer installation, eliminating the need for a truck roll entirely.

OSP Configurations

Outside plant can be the most challenging aspect of telephone or cable infrastructure. It must deal with environmental challenges yet be easily accessible. The overall product design can extend the life of the existing network, enhance data speeds, and prevent loss. It can affect all aspects of service implementation, ease of maintenance, and overall cost of labor.