Established in 1903, Siemon is an industry leader specializing in the manufacture and innovation of high quality, high-performance network cabling solutions. Headquartered in Connecticut, USA, with global offices and partners throughout the world, Siemon offers the most comprehensive suite of copper and fiber cabling systems available. Siemon Labs invests heavily in R&D and development of industry standards, underlining the company's long-term commitment to its customers and the industry.

Racks and Cable Management

RS3 Rack System, RS Rack System, Extended Depth RS Racks, Rack-it, and Zone Unit Enclosures

VersaPOD Data Center Solution

Data center cabinet, doors, panels, zero-u sliding vertical patch panels, cable management and accessories

Work Area Solutions

Cat 6A, 6, 5e connectors, MAX Modules, Couplers, Surface Mount Boxes, Multi-User Telecom Outlets and accessories

Modular Patching

Patch Panels, Modular Patch Blocks and Patch Panel Accessories

Trunk Cable Assemblies

Fiber, shielded S/FTP, UTP and screened F/UTP trunking cable assemblies for work area, LAN, data center and SAN applications


Industrial MAX Outlets, Plugs, & Patch Cords, Industrial PCB Mount Jacks, and Industrial LC Fiber Connectivity

Multi-Dwelling Units

MDU cabling connectors, faceplates, enclosures and panels

S110 Products

S110 Wiring Blocks, S110 Patch Cords and Plugs, Connecting Blocks, and S110 Modular Tower System

S66 Products / Protection

S66 Blocks, S66 Cross-Connect Frames, Connecting Blocks, Protection Solutions, Wire Management