Headquartered in New Orleans, LA, Servato is a leading provider of Active Battery Management™ solutions to telecom, power, transportation, and solar companies. Servato’s solutions allow leading companies and infrastructure operators to reduce CapEx and OpEx by extending battery life, reducing maintenance costs and streamlining operations. Utilizing highly accurate data, proprietary algorithms, adaptive charging and cloud-based visualization software, Servato provides unprecedented insight and control over distributed DC power assets in industrial settings. To learn more, please visit:

Active Battery Management™

Active Battery Management™ is a completely automated battery maintenance regimen that utilizes cutting edge technology to improve battery health, eliminate maintenance and generate savings. It is much more than simple battery monitoring. Servato’s DC Management platform-as-a-service goes beyond the surface level detail of conventional monitoring products. Servato is the only company with battery appliances that have the ability to remotely monitor and manage the batteries.

Smart Power System™

Servato’s Smart Power Systems™ (SPS) are far more advanced than other monitoring-only equipment. The SPS line can actively adapt the charging of the batteries to increase battery life and ensure the healthiest batteries possible. Smart Power System appliances sit in line with the rectifier and batteries positioning Servato to control the charge of the batteries. This placement is only possible because of the patented technology that allows Servato to electronically or “virtually” disconnect batteries, all while maintaining their availability for instantaneous backup power. This enables Servato to remotely gather the best battery data on the market.

ActiView® Battery Management Platform

ActiView® is a robust Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) that replaces existing maintenance procedures and processes and introduces a new way to manage the entire DC Plant. It is much more than a passive dashboard of battery information but a complete control center from which an organization can ensure service reliability and reduce costs through efficiencies. ActiView® is a cloud-based application and can be customized to fit your organization’s needs.

Internet of Things Site Management

Taking full advantage of the Internet of Things (IoT) revolution, Servato equips technicians with the ability to monitor and manage more than just batteries. We are working to put an end to unnecessary truck rolls. Servato can detect hidden equipment issues beyond the batteries and provides a platform for monitoring and managing other site elements.