Established more than 30 years ago, RAD is an award-winning manufacturer of Service Assured communications solutions for service providers, power utilities, transportation networks, and the government sector. Its leading-edge technology, strict adherence to quality standards and environmentally friendly operations, together with a corporate culture that encourages innovation and values long-term commitment to its customers, channels, suppliers, and employees, combine to make RAD an ideal partner.

Ethernet Access

RAD’s extensive portfolio of Ethernet Access solutions includes intelligent Ethernet demarcation devices for terminating high-speed fiber links, Ethernet bridges for economically transporting Ethernet over PDH, bonded PDH or SDH/SONET, Ethernet over ATM, Ethernet over ADSL2+, SHDSL/SHDSL.bis, and Ethernet over wireless.

Cellular Backhaul

Backhaul is one of the major contributors to the high costs of building out and running a mobile network – estimated to be about 25-30% of total operating expenses. New mobile broadband services are adding exponentially to the growth of backhaul traffic. It is critical that mobile carriers optimize their current networks while building – or sourcing from a third party transport provider – lower cost and more scalable cell-site and aggregation-site backhaul solutions.

RAD’s flexible cellular backhaul solutions offer a smooth migration path to evolving next generation applications while efficiently and economically supporting legacy services. Ranging from HSxPA data off-load to pseudowire transport of legacy radio traffic across metro Ethernet connections, RAD has an optimized backhaul solution for mobile backhaul network needs.

Multiservice Access

The transformation of virtually all communications into digital, packetized format has brought great change to the networking industry. Even so, there remains an enormous installed base of all types of devices that use TDM, analog or low-speed data. Common examples include the key building blocks of traditional utilities and transportation networks as well as public safety TETRA installations —PDH/SDH/SONET transport , analog lines and control circuits to name a few.

The multiservice access platform product line from RAD is designed to support a variety of narrowband and broadband data rates, digital and analog voice services, and video surveillance for utilities, transportation networks, carriers, and service providers. These products include multiservice provisioning platforms (MSPP), compact add-drop multiplexers (ADM), digital cross connect, M13 multiplexers, access node multiplexers, and multiservice network termination units (NTU, CSU/DSU).

Voice Communications Solutions

With the explosion in Internet and video traffic, it is easy to forget that real-time voice continues to account for a large share of global communications. Any efficiencies that can be applied to voice can significantly cut costs.

RAD is the industry leader in advanced voice optimization solutions. Our voice compression gateways use powerful voice compression algorithms as well as TDMoIP pseudowire technology to compress 16 full E1/T1 circuits over dual channelized E1/T1 or packet-based networks.

In cellular backhaul, RAD’s voice optimization solution can provide significant savings on the transport of GSM traffic by optimizing bandwidth utilization in the Abis interface. RAD also offers 3G media gateway services, enabling the operator to avoid replacing 2G MSCs to support 3G services.

Addressing service providers offering IP Telephony solutions, RAD has an end-to-end VoIP platform, including softswitch, CPEs, billing server, and sophisticated remote management tools for the delivery and management of VoIP services. The RAD VoIP System enables low-cost and low-risk entry into the VoIP market.