Purcell Systems

Purcell Systems

Purcell Systems designs and manufactures outdoor cabinet and equipment enclosures, configurable with integrated power and environmental systems, cabling, and battery backup options. Our outdoor equipment enclosures allow network operators to save substantial time, labor, space, and money, while meeting their exact needs for equipment enclosures, power, battery backup, climate control, and mission-critical equipment protection.

With the experience and expertise from thousands of outdoor equipment enclosures installed worldwide, Purcell Systems provides quality products and services with unmatched speed, flexibility, and Fanatical Service.

We are proud to serve the broadband wireless and wireline telecommunications equipment field with state-of-the art equipment enclosures and off-the-shelf outdoor cabinets, serving the smallest startups as well as the biggest names in the industry. Our innovative, flexible, and timely solutions are tailored to meet any installation requirements, and provide a modular growth path for optimal equipment support today and tomorrow.

Equipment Enclosures

Selecting an enclosure to fit your needs is simple with Purcell Systems. Our various enclosure options let you choose the functionality you're looking for to properly support your equipment.

Wireless Equipment Cabinets

Purcell's outdoor cabinet platform for wireless PCS/Cellular outdoor site deployments, SiteFlex cabinets include flexible Power, Battery/Auxiliary, MCPA, and BTS/Radio enclosures with multiple environmental and equipment support options.

Wireline Equipment Cabinets

Ideal for Broadband wireline equipment deployments, all FlexSure products are GR-487 certified and offer a wide variety of industry-specific equipment options including cross-connect and line protection panels.

Battery Backup, Power and Surge Protection

Equipment protection, power management, and power backup support are the most critical concerns when deploying electronics equipment in any setting. Purcell Systems makes it simple, providing all your power support solutions for any equipment deployment scenario.

Purcell offers power solutions that provide protection and support exactly where you need it-built into our rugged, durable outdoor enclosures or integrated in our compact indoor rack system-for an all-in-one power management solution perfect for your deployment needs.