Polycom provides the most life-like experience for communication and remote meetings from anywhere to anywhere, instantly. Today, we are the sole provider of integrated, end-to-end unified collaboration solutions that help organizations meet both productivity and cost containment challenges.

By leveraging our leadership in all aspects of a face-to-face meeting that include hearing each other (audio), seeing each other (immersive telepresence and video) and showing each other things (content), Polycom makes meeting over distance just as productive as being there. We enable rapid and collaborative decision-making, we shorten chains of communication over distance, and we continuously enable innovative products and services. Polycom solutions have become critical to companies and organizations trying to win in today's increasingly competitive world.

As the market leader in unified collaboration solutions, Polycom leverages the growing organizational demand for collaboration. We have over 600 patents either issued or pending approval and over 15 million lines of active code across our product portfolio. Last year we delivered our vision for collaboration with best-of-breed Voice over IP and Video over IP products. Recently we raised the bar yet again, by becoming the only provider of the ultimate high definition solution, Polycom UltimateHD™ technology.

Telepresence Solutions

Polycom immersive telepresence solutions provide a natural, "across the table" experience. On-screen meeting participants are shown in true-to-life dimensions. Participants can speak with and read the body language of others - just as if all were in the same room. Uniquely designed and all-inclusive, every detail has been taken care of so you can focus on your meeting topics, not the technology. Extremely flexible, Polycom immersive telepresence solutions are also easy to use and scalable. With configurations for different space, capacity, and budgets, Polycom immersive telepresence solutions allow you to apply intimate, effective collaboration to a broad range of applications.

Video Conference Systems

For distributed enterprises seeking to communicate using video from anywhere at anytime, the Polycom CMA distributed video solution provides high scale, powerful management, and a software-based video-client as simple to use as instant messaging.


Polycom Voice solutions integrate with leading wired and wireless telephony platforms to help businesses work efficiently and effectively. Whether for the desktop, conferencing or mobility, Polycom has a product to match your business requirements.