Newton Instrument Company

Newton Instrument Company

Since 1949, Newton Instrument Company has worked very hard at providing quality products and services at fair prices, in a people-oriented environment.

With over 60 years of experience, we know what it takes to engineer quality products. Newton offers a complete range of services for turnkey product development, including engineering, prototyping, production and finishing.

Newton Instrument’s focus is to provide you with consistent quality in all phases of the turnkey product development process. We build products using state of the art technology operated by a flexible and highly skilled ISO 9001 workforce that averages 7 years of service with Newton. Each employee is trained in ISO 9001 processes covering operational and performance team skills.

Newton's products can be found throughout the world in central offices, customer premises, and computer rooms. These product solutions include:

  • Aux Frame
  • Cable, Dual Application, and Relay Racks
  • Network Bays
  • Shelves
  • Guard Rails and End Gaurds
  • Spacer Kits And Junctioning
  • Floor Mounting
  • Rack Adapters And Panels
  • Cable Management
  • Grounding And Isolation
  • Wall Mount
  • Cabinets and Distribution Frames
  • Hardware