Improve your application and security performance

Ixia delivers a powerful combination of network visibility, security, and test solutions to enhance network and security performance at every stage of the technology lifecycle. Whether you’re rolling out new applications, upgrading data centers, or migrating services to the cloud, Ixia can help you deliver a higher-quality user experience while maximizing ROI on your technology investments.


End-to-end Visibility

Delivering an amazing and secure customer experience means keeping applications fast, reliable, and secure. For this, you need an end-to-end visibility architecture working to optimize your monitoring and security infrastructures. Intelligent visibility improves results and efficiency by providing monitoring and security tools with access to the right visibility data and intelligence.

Learn more about the critical elements of network visibility: Taps, network packet brokers (NPBs), bypass switches, and more. LEARN MORE ABOUT IXIA VISIBILITY

Stronger Security

Ixia’s security solutions include BreakingPoint testing, Application and Threat Intelligence (ATI), intelligent bypass (iBypass™) switches that ensure high availability for inline deployments, and ThreatARMOR™ intelligence gateways designed to keep unwanted traffic from accessing your network. Visibility also plays a vital role in security networks and data centers, making sure security, monitoring, and analytics tools receive exactly the data they need. LEARN MORE ABOUT IXIA SECURITY

Put IT to the Test

Ixia offers testing solutions for every phase and aspect of product and service development. From design through deployment and operation, Ixia delivers targeted performance and security testing for your physical, virtual and wireless networking infrastructures. LEARN MORE ABOUT IXIA TEST