Harmonic is a leading provider of video delivery solutions to broadcast, cable, satellite, Internet, mobile and telco video service providers worldwide. With twenty years of experience, a track record of pioneering ground-breaking technologies, and an outstanding portfolio of high performance, IP-based solutions, Harmonic is enabling innovative, converged video services that can be consumed at anytime, and viewed on virtually any device.

Using our versatile and scalable solutions, operators can deliver a compelling range of value-added services including converged multi-screen video delivery to the TV, PC and mobile devices, superior quality HD video, Video-on-Demand (VOD), network PVR and time-shifted TV, advanced program navigation, viewing and recording with multi-channel mosaics and picture-in-picture, and targeted ad insertion.

Intelligent bandwidth utilization is also made possible with solutions such as HFC network segmentation and extension, switched digital video, cell tower backhaul, DOCSIS 3.0 modular CMTS (M-CMTS), and IPTV over Cable.

FTTP Video Distribution

Harmonic’s flexible fiber architecture uses the latest in WDM (wave division multiplexing) technology to leverage the existing outside plant, minimize operating expenses, and deliver a full range of residential and commercial services. Harmonic’s MAXLink Plus 1550 nm transport system enables headend consolidation over distances of 300 km or more, reducing the operating costs of secondary or remote headends while allowing operators to get the most out of their capital equipment budgets.


Harmonic offers a state-of-the art suite of IP-based video delivery solutions including content acquisition, compression and stream processing. With the addition of Harmonic's On-Demand solutions, Harmonic now offers integrated broadcast (multicast) and On-Demand (unicast) solutions to Telco operators. The figure below describes the different components of Harmonic's video solution architecture.

Video Rich Navigation: Digital Mosaics

The IP-based ProStream 8000 digital mosaic solution provides enhanced video-rich navigation for an improved user experience. Some of the largest operators in North America and around the world are using Harmonic’s ProStream 8000 for various applications including channel navigation for broadcast programming, themed channels (e.g., sports, news, kids, travel), promotions, split-screens and more. Harmonic is also developing new capabilities that significantly enhance VOD navigation using the video-rich capabilities available with the ProStream 8000 mosaic solution.

Mobile Solutions

Mobile TV began with 3G streaming (live and VOD) and has evolved to encompass a variety of standards for transmission of video over broadcast networks —ISDB-T (Japan, Brazil), T-DMB (Korea), Media FLO (US), DVB-H (Europe, Asia), CMMB (China) ATSC M/H (US)-all based on MPEG-4 AVC (H.264) technology. Today, Internet video is drastically impacting the way video is consumed, with the advent of flat-fee broadband packages, Wi-Fi connectivity and Smartphone video capabilities.

Harmonic has designed its Mobile TV solution to offer operators greater flexibility and seamless integration with the existing telco (IPTV) video headend so that an integrated service can be easily created.