GENBAND is a global leader of IP infrastructure solutions, enabling enterprise, service and content providers around the world to evolve communications networks through IP innovation. The company offers market-leading Switching, Applications, Networking and Service solutions, with products deployed in more than 80 countries and in over 600 customer networks, including 80 of the world’s top 100 telecommunications operators.

GENBAND enables Voice over IP through the industry’s #1 call-routing IP switching solution; empowers operators through advanced IP business enterprise and residential communications applications; connects and secures IP networks through advanced session border control (SBC) solutions and enhances business intelligence, traffic management and security protection through deep packet inspection (DPI) technologies.

Over the past five years, GENBAND has achieved 80 percent compound annual growth and today employs more than 2,200 full-time employees serving customers in all parts of the world. With more than 240 million installed IP ports globally, GENBAND enjoys the largest installed next generation networking base in the industry.

Fixed Network Solutions

As the global leader in Carrier VoIP, GENBAND provides complete, end-to-end fixed network solutions that allow fixed line operators to securely connect circuit-based voice networks to VoIP core and access networks. These feature-rich voice and multimedia solutions focus on infrastructure and revenue generation to create new network landscapes.

Mobile Network Solutions

GENBAND’s mobile solutions provide a broad range of advanced capabilities for enabling revenue streams and optimizing costs for 2G and 3G mobile service providers, all while providing the foundation to grow these solutions into IMS/LTE and beyond.

Enterprise Network Solutions

GENBAND offers a comprehensive set of products designed to address the needs of enterprise customers as they migrate from legacy TDM/IP to the next generation of IP communications with immediate benefits and compelling ROI. The GENBAND Enterprise Solution enables enterprises to securely harmonize their unified communications services with an unparalleled end-to-end solution including:

  • Rich business voice features, FMC and UC applications
  • Legacy network transformation capabilities with graceful migration without the need for enterprise-wide “rip & replace”
  • Secure interconnection with flexible service provider interconnection
  • Security, mediation and SLA management
  • Flexibility to customize and integrate with IT systems
  • Design, deploy and support services

With a single, scalable, unified communications platform for enterprise voice services, new business and communications applications can be delivered universally through a single point of integration.