GarrettCom, Inc. is an industry leader in providing cost-effective, off-the-shelf Ethernet products for specialty and stressed applications. GarrettCom’s Magnum products emphasize fiber capabilities for telecommunications, industrial automation, power utility, and traffic control markets. GarrettCom, a privately held company founded in 1989, sells feature-rich, high-availability heavy duty Ethernet networking products through OEMs and sophisticated resellers to customers throughout the world.

GarrettCom’s Magnum line of products includes more than 100 standard product models including:

  • Managed Ethernet Switches
  • Unmanaged Switches/Hubs
  • Routers
  • Serial Communications
  • Media Converters
  • Cyber Security Solutions

GarrettCom’s competitive advantage is based on its focus on Ethernet products, its complete line of fiber products with a broad range of power options, its private label program, its superior quality and service as measured by customer and reseller response, and value pricing. The company has an installed base of more than 10 million node connections.