Entone is a market leader in Hybrid TV and media hub solutions. Initially established in 1999 by the team that deployed the world's first and largest commercial IPTV service, Entone's proven technology enables service operators to reliably deliver integrated IP-based video and advanced broadband services using existing in-home wiring.

Entone's technology seamlessly integrates broadcast television, whole-home digital video recorder (DVR), web media services, personal media sharing, and place-shifting. Entone's Hybrid TV solution is the next-generation entertainment platform for delivering a rich and unique television service over existing broadband networks. As part of the Entone Hybrid TV solution, Entone's media hub products deliver next-gen services throughout a networked home without requiring a separate set-top box at each TV set.

Over 100 of the world's leading service operators are deployed with Entone to support their IP and Hybrid TV video services.

Amulet IPTV Receiver

The Amulet IPTV receiver is the latest addition to Entone’s line of cost-effective and compact high-definition (HD) Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) solutions. Amulet is a multi-functional IPTV receiver with MPEG-4 (AVC/H.264) HD and whole-home DVR capabilities that integrates easily with popular home-networking and broadband services. These robust features enable service providers to increase their subscriber base and generate more revenue by offering subscribers more advanced services and an enhanced user experience without the hassles of costly equipment replacements or truck rolls.

Crescendo IAD

Crescendo IAD extends the managed portion of the operators’ broadband networks out to individual subscribers’ homes. It consolidates key elements of a voice, video and data service into one convenient device. Coupled with Entone’s family of IPTV set-top boxes, gateways and media hubs, Crescendo dramatically reduces the cost for operators to install, provision and support residential triple play services.

Hydra IP Video Gateway

The Hydra HD IP Video Gateway is part of Entone’s Connected Home Solution that was developed to enable the Telco industry to facilitate a rapid ROI on new media business models. By leveraging existing in-home coax cabling, the Hydra offers consumers the ability to share electronics across multiple televisions, thus eliminating the need for multiple set-top boxes and new home wiring.

Janus Media Hub

Derived from Entone’s market-leading Hydra IP Video Gateway platform, Janus is a dual-stream IP video gateway that enables the delivery of TV and media sharing throughout a connected home. Janus specifically addresses the needs of operators looking to support homes with multiple television sets. Janus supports simultaneous decoding of one HD stream and a second independent SD stream. Both streams are distributed over existing in-home coax cabling without requiring individual set-top boxes at each TV. Janus is a ready-to-deploy HD solution for operators looking to deliver digital television, advanced media rich services, and traditional broadband services.