ENET Solutions

ENET Solutions

ENET Solutions, Inc. is a leading manufacturer and solution provider of compatible network peripherals and connectivity products. ENET offers more than 8,000 different product solutions which include optical transceivers, network memory, media converters, and cable solutions. Our products are designed and manufactured specifically for the most demanding network environments. With an entirely unique go-to-market strategy, ENET focuses on SMB, Large Enterprise Business, Data Centers, and Managed Service Providers. ENET offers a true OEM alternative by offering identical functionality to OEM products and a lower acquisition cost without sacrificing quality or support.

Established in 2003, our continued growth is the direct result of our dedication to quality through innovation, development, and validation using the industry’s most advanced networking and testing platforms. The ENET team is comprised of motivated, industry professionals with a shared desire and commitment to providing our customers with a greater overall business experience. From executive management to the warehouse personnel, each individual team member strives for excellence.

Optical Transceivers

Optical transceivers are an integral part of fiber optic networks for data communication, Ethernet LAN, and Fibre Channel applications. ENET offers the most diverse and comprehensive compatible transceivers available. ENET conducts the most comprehensive validation and testing procedures in the industry. All ENET OEM compatible transceivers are certified for functionality, reliability, and performance under rigorous testing parameters. Every transceiver is RoHS and MSA (Multi-Source Agreement) compliant and meet IEEE Standards for optimum performance and reliability. All ENET transceivers are backed by an industry-leading lifetime replacement warranty and technical support.

Network Cables

ENET carries the most extensive and comprehensive line of network cable solutions to meet the needs of virtually any network environment. Our cable products are built to the highest quality standards for increased bandwidth, high-performance, and high-reliability data transference. Our network cable portfolio consists of 10G/40G direct-attach cables (DAC), attached optical cables (AOC), Cat5e, Cat6, and Cat6a copper patch cables, fiber optic patch cables, CX4 copper cables and everything in between. All ENET cable solutions can be customized for various lengths, colors, and connector types, and compatibility. All of our compatible cable products meet or exceed all OEM specifications for the highest level of quality and carry a Lifetime Replacement Warranty.

Network Memory

ENET offers the most comprehensive line of compatible (-ENC) and approved (-ENA) memory solutions for switches, routers, and servers. All DRAM and Flash upgrades are benchmark tested for performance and reliability in advanced memory testing equipment as well as target network devices they are intended for. ENET Network Memory upgrades will enhance the performance and increase capacity while providing confidence of application specific validation behind each and every module. ENET Network Memory products will NOT void your OEM service agreement and can be used in conjunction with existing memory. All ENET Memory upgrades are compatible with all operating software (OS) versions and come with a Lifetime Replacement Warranty.

Media Converters

ENET Media Converters are the perfect solution for converting fiber-to-copper or copper-to-fiber without the expense of changing equipment. ENET media converters offer a reliable, high-performance and cost effective solution to your media conversion needs. Each of our media converters conforms to IEEE standards and are available in various lengths, speeds, and all fiber types. ENET media converters come with a 3-Year Replacement Warranty.

Network Interface Cards

ENET Solutions offers a full line of OEM compatible and standard network interface cards (NIC) to satisfy the needs of any connection speed from 1Gbps through 40Gbps. ENET Network Interface Cards are fully compliant with IEEE 802 standards and will enable seamless integration to your local area network (LAN). All ENET Network Interface Cards are individually tested in our facility for functionality prior to shipping and come with a 3-year replacement warranty.