EnerSys is the global leader in stored energy solutions for industrial applications. We complement our extensive line of motive power, reserve power, aerospace/defense and specialty batteries with a full range of integrated services and systems.

EnerSys offers an extensive range of premium flooded and valve-regulated lead acid (VRLA) batteries to serve the telecommunications market. This range of batteries offers design features, such as exceptional performance, long life, compact footprint, high energy density and ease of installation, which make them ideally suited for a wide range of telecom applications, including central office, outside plant and wireless.

With sales and service locations throughout the world, and over 100 years of battery experience, EnerSys is the Power/Full Solution for stored DC power products.


An extensive range of premium pure lead, standard and Gel VRLA batteries that provide superior performance for such diverse applications as security systems, emergency lighting, UPS, mobility, cable TV and medical.

Lithium Ion Solutions-ModEnergy

This is a premium range of lithium ion solutions designed to support military, telecom and a variety of specialty industry applications. ModEnergy utilizes their unique patented designs to bring high power density stored energy solutions safely and cost effectively to various applications in different industries.


Premium range of highly reliable flooded and VRLA products to serve the demanding requirements of telecommunications and electric utility/switchgear markets. PowerSafe products offer the broadest range of flooded and valve-regulated lead acid products to provide the ideal solution for telecom applications, including central office, outside plant and wireless, as well as electric utility applications, including power generation transmission and distribution.

Reserve Power Service

Complete turnkey services from design and installation to battery maintenance programs, and more.