Eltek is a global power specialist that delivers critical, cutting-edge power solutions and services. Eltek was established in Norway in 1971 as a specialist telecom power systems supplier. Since then, the company has grown organically and through mergers and acquisitions to become a leading international supplier of power solutions within several industry sectors, including telecom, rail and infrastructure, power generation and distribution, solar energy and electric vehicles. Eltek holds strong market positions in the Americas, Europe and Asia.

Eltek develops and markets power systems, based on our industry-leading power conversion technology and products. A strong range of highly efficient, flexible and cost-effective rectifiers/converters form the core of our offering. We also design, build and furnish complex turn-key power solutions, as well as develop embedded system solutions for original equipment manufacturers. Eltek's legal headquarters is located in Drammen, Norway and the company has approximately 2,400 employees, offices in 30 countries and business activities in more than 100 countries.

Power Systems

Eltek's power systems cover the entire range of application areas within the telecommunications industry.

Solar Products

The power is yours - don't waste it! Power up your base station with solar power and take the green path with Eltek.


The rectifier will always be the “heart” of a DC power system. Eltek devotes much of its R&D efforts to the development of new designs.


Modular DC/DC Converters for uninteruptable supply of various DC voltages from the same battery.


Eltek offers a wide range of switched mode sinusoidal inverters including 19" racks and wall cabinet versions in a power class of 1.0kVA to 5kVA.

Monitoring and Control

From low cost embedded digital system monitors to advanced web enabled remote monitors, we provide the solutions for today’s telecommunications power needs.

Remote Power

Turn your copper into gold! Remote power is a concept for distributing DC power over existing twisted pairs - from central to remote locations.

Outdoor Solutions

Different locations, different conditions, different solutions. We have developed a series of outdoor cabinets to meet the toughest of requirements.