Founded in 1997, CyberPower Systems, Inc., designs and manufactures a high quality line of award-winning products, including uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems, power distribution units (PDUs), surge protectors, mobile charging devices, connectivity devices and Fiber-to-the-Premise (FTTx) backup power solutions. Meeting the growing power needs of businesses and people has helped our organization achieve worldwide success. As a true manufacturer, we are driven by a mission to deliver the highest standard of product quality, performance, and customer value in the industry.

UPS Systems

CyberPower offers IT professionals and home office users a broad selection of uninterruptible power supply (UPS) solutions, all designed to protect sensitive electronic equipment and vital data from potential harm.


CyberPower Power Distribution Units (PDUs) are engineered to distribute network power to multiple devices. A PDU does not generate or condition power, but delivers AC power from a UPS uninterruptible power supply), a generator, or utility power source to servers, network/telecom equipment, and other devices. Selecting the best PDU for your needs depends on the output voltage required, the number of outlets needed for connected devices, plug and outlet types, and mounting options.

Surge Protectors

CyberPower high-grade surge protectors are designed to protect your computers, laptops, monitors, modems, routers and other home and office electronics . Each surge protector offers advanced features to protect against spikes and surges caused lightning or utility power problems that can damage your electronic devices and destroy your important data. All models offer sturdy construction, surge protected outlets, EMI/RFI filtration, durable power cord and/or plug and are covered by a limited lifetime product warranty and Connected Equipment Guarantee.

FTTx Outdoor Systems

The CyberPower CyberShield outdoor battery backup series provides cable telephone, wireless local loop (WLL) and fiber to the premise (FTTP) providers with a dependable and cost effective local power supply for customer premise equipment (CPE) during power outages. The CyberShield outdoor family provides Multiple Service Operators with a local powering solution that has lower installation costs, lower operational costs and higher quality than competing power technologies.

FTTx Indoor Systems

CyberShield indoor battery backup products supply continuous 12Vdc or 48Vdc (depending on model) to local power network interface devices (NIDs), cable telephone modems, wireless base stations and fiber to the home Optical Network Terminals(ONTs) or integrated access devices.

Power Accessories

CyberPower carries a full line of power accessories including general power products, cables, USB chargers, power inverters, hubs, battery banks, and universal power adapters.