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Cornet Technology

Tactical Communications for Military Applications

Cornet Technology, Inc. a leader in C4ISR military equipment, delivers voice, video and data systems to its global military and homeland defense customers. We offer robust and state of art solutions in the field of Tactical Communications for Military Applications.

Let us talk about your communication requirements such as C4ISR solutions, red/black communication, IP/ISDN/Analog voice terminals, circuit to packet gateway, legacy to IP/MPLS communication terminals, mobile LTE base station, deployable communication solutions, vehicle electronics, mission computers, video encoders, and other such customized COTS solutions.

IPGate-MG50 – Legacy Circuit to MPLS Gateway

IPGate®-MG50 circuit to IP/MPLS gateway, provides the flexibility to transition mission critical TDM services over packet based (IP/MPLS or VLAN) networks. IPGate-MG50 uses hot-swappable interface cards, and supports T1/E1, DS3/E3, RS-232, RS-422, RS-449, RS-530, V.35, X.21, analog voice (E&M & FXS/FXO), plain and secure radio-over-IP, wideband, narrowband, and Condition Di-phase (CDI). IPGate interface with customer service rates from 50 bps up to 52 Mbps and can transport over service over a 1/10 GE IP/MPLS or VLAN copper or fiber interface.

Serial to Packet - Testing and Monitoring Legacy Systems

For over 25 years Cornet Technology has designed and manufactured communications equipment that assists in the operational control, test, and monitoring of Time Division Multiplexing (TDM), serial, and circuit technologies. Leveraging this extensive knowledge, Cornet Technology has designed a family of gateway products that give governments, worldwide, the ability to interface their legacy networks with IP networks and provide a smooth and cost effective IP migration path while managing the existing infrastructure.

C4ISR Solutions — Tactical Voice, Video and Data

For close to three decades Cornet Technology, Inc. has taken a leadership position in the design, engineering, and manufacturing of tactical C4ISR solutions that span all areas of tactical voice, video and data communications applications for Government and Prime Contractor clients. Our Command, Control, Communication & Computer solutions sit at the core of communication networks. Keeping Size, Weight, and Power – Cost (SWaP-C) requirements in mind, our communications subsystems offer secure and non-secure transmission, recording, monitoring, and information dissemination for a range of air, ground, and sea-based communication systems. Many of our solutions have received IA approval and JITC interoperability certification.

To assist the military in achieving battlefield dominance and first responders with superior emergency management response, Cornet Technology is at the leading-edge of delivering tactical 4G LTE end-to-end secure voice, video, and data services; communications integration; and inter-operability solutions.

Our video, voice, and data solutions are utilized in a wide range of applications covering:

  • Maritime C4ISR Solutions
  • Fixed, Mobile, Command Posts
  • Command and Control Centers