What does it mean to change the way you compete? It means maximizing both the capabilities of your network, and the many ways your network contributes to your business. At Ciena, we understand that if you can tap into your network’s full potential, it can play a pivotal and proactive role in advancing your strategic initiatives to drive game-changing business outcomes. With our deep expertise in optical, Ethernet, and network automation, we specialize in unlocking that potential.

Private Optical Networks

Control your network and control your destiny. With a Private Optical Network the full power of the network is in your hands.

Network Modernization

Modernize your infrastructure to scale, manage and segregate bandwidth easily and cost-effectively and differentiate your services for revenue growth.

Network Monetization

Differentiate your services and accelerate revenue growth through optical and Ethernet business services for retail and wholesale offerings such as commercial services, cloud access applications, and mobile backhaul.

Mobile Backhaul

Optimize your existing mobile infrastructure to meet growing capacity and emerging service requirements so you’re equipped to succeed in a highly competitive market.

Packet Networking

Deliver the performance your customers need with this combination of packet, optical, and comprehensive network management software.

Cloud Networking

Performance-on-demand solutions for multi-data center environments.

Datacenter Connect

Support data center consolidation, disaster recovery, data protection, and emerging cloud infrastructure resource connectivity with a range of innovative solutions.

Digital Video Transport

Transport uncompressed, native SD, HD, and 3D digital video signals over high-bandwidth, low-latency networks with flexibility and precision—regardless of distance.

Branch Office Networking

Provide secure and high-performance access for branch office users, and the centralized management capabilities critical for reducing costs and streamlining operations.

Network Encryption

Protect your critical data. Securely and transparently transport encrypted data across various architectures using FIPS-certified algorithms.

Smart Utility Networking

Harness the power of a flexible and future-proof communications network to deploy new technologies and applications and meet the ever-increasing demands on your grid operations.

GeoMesh Networking

Interconnect your submarine and terrestrial network assets into a single, seamless entity for guaranteed end-to-end network performance from data center to data center, regardless of the physical distance between them.