Chatsworth Products, Inc.

Chatsworth Products, Inc.

Chatsworth Products (CPI) is a global manufacturer providing voice, data and security products and service solutions that optimize, store and secure technology equipment. Central to the success of CPI has been the establishment of employee empowerment under a philosophy of quality through teamwork, caring and commitment that guides our business to deliver products and services of the highest quality.

CPI provides products and solutions that are flexible to meet ever-changing data center needs. Our broad selection of scalable products can be configured to create customized solutions, unique to each customer’s needs and adaptable for future growth. At CPI, we pride ourselves in taking the extra step to make sure our customers have the best solutions.

As the most trusted name in racks, cable management, cable pathway and cabinets, CPI’s products are readily available through a global network of industry-leading distributors. With a high level of stock availability, along with CPI’s consistently short factory lead times, you can be assured that CPI solutions will be accessible to meet your project scheduling needs.

Rack Systems

CPI’s industry leading two-post relay racks and four-post open racks provide unsurpassed strength, stability and durability for supporting rack-mount patch panels, high-density blocks, cabling and other equipment.

Cabinet & Enclosure Systems

CPI Cabinet and Enclosure Systems store multiple servers or various pieces of computer equipment, provide extra security and enhance thermal management or hide cables and devices for a more professional appearance.

Zone Cabling & Wireless Enclosures

CPI partnered with American Access Technologies, Inc., the leading developer of zone enclosures, to provide telecommunications spaces outside of the traditional telecommunications room. Standards-recognized zone cabling practices create consolidation points to reduce the overall cost of adding or moving network cabling. These products can attach to the wall or be installed above drop ceilings or under access floors.

Wall-Mount Systems

CPI offers several styles of open and enclosed Wall-Mount Systems for cables and equipment. Wall-mount Systems create accessible locations for equipment where space is limited or does not exist. Store and secure equipment on the wall inside or outside of the data center or equipment room and connect remote groups of users to the network.

Cable Management

Whether you are updgrading your current infrastructure or designing a new installation, trust the experts at CPI to deliver the most comprehensive line of Cable Management Products in the industry.

Cable Runway and Tray Products

CPI’s Cable Runway and Tray Products provide simple and effective pathway solutions to easily manage and protect cables while maximizing network infrastructure uptime. With a variety of options and accessories available, CPI Cable Runway and Tray Products can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of each facility and are adaptable for future growth.

Power Management

CPI's Power Management Products provide safe, reliable distribution of power on racks and cabinets. With today’s increasing high power density applications, power management products have become an integral part of the overall data center solution. CPI has a large variety of sizes and configurations available to meet most needs.

KVM Systems

CPI offers a variety of KVM switching solutions including both analog and digital switches.

Environmental Monitoring & Security

CPI's Environmental Monitoring and Security Systems meet a variety of needs within the data center. By offering the Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM-600) and Electronic Locking Systems (ELS), CPI makes it easy to analyze and automate control for your data center. CPI also offers LCD monitors that can be installed in cabinets and racks to increase usable space.

Grounding and Bonding

The electrical protection of today’s high-speed cabling systems is an essential part of a properly designed and installed IT infrastructure. In response to the increase in newer, more sensitive, highly integrated electronic equipment, CPI offers a comprehensive line of UL Listed grounding and bonding products, which help prevent transient voltage from damaging sensitive electronic equipment.

Seismic Protection Systems

Seismic Protection Systems from CPI reduce the risk of equipment damage from seismic events. CPI offers seismic products for racks, cabinets and cable runway to provide additional bracing required in earthquake zones.