Allot Communications

Allot Communications

Allot Communications is a leading provider of intelligent IP service optimization and revenue generation solutions for fixed and mobile service providers and high-end enterprise. Allot’s rich portfolio of solutions transforms broadband pipes into smart networks that can rapidly and efficiently deploy value added Internet services for both the network and the subscriber. Allot's scalable, carrier-grade solutions provide the visibility, network topology awareness, security, application control and subscriber management that are vital to managing Internet service delivery, enhancing user experience, containing operating costs, and maximizing revenue in broadband networks.

Allot’s solutions are based on its proprietary Dynamic Actionable Recognition Technology (DART) - which provides a multi-layered approach to traffic management. DART integrates Allot’s vast experience and expertise in IP traffic inspection, classification and policy enforcement into a highly efficient methodology for managing bandwidth consumption and service performance in mobile and fixed broadband networks. DART is at the core of Allot’s intelligent IP service optimization solutions, which play a key role in helping service providers to ensure that network costs do not outpace revenue growth, and that the data-usage needs and expectations of all subscribers are met.

Service Monitoring

Understand how subscriber services are consuming network resources in real-time and over time, so you can manage utilization, troubleshoot, and plan network capacity expansion more effectively.

Subscriber Application and Network Topology Awareness

Obtain granular network intelligence to manage traffic per application, per subscriber, per DSLAM, per service plan, and according to local network conditions.

Fair Use Management

Ensure fair use during periods of congestion by prioritizing and/or expediting the delivery of applications that are affected by latency or jitter.

Tiered and Quota Service Enablement

Create competitive subscriber service plans based on personal QoS policies that enforce how each subscriber’s traffic is treated, and on usage allowances that encourage subscribers to meter and control their own consumption.

Botnet and Outgoing Spam Protection

Neutralize botnets and outgoing spam by quickly and accurately detecting infected users and anomalous activity and on the network and stopping it at the source.

Integrated Network & Subscriber Services

Generate new sources of revenue with Allot’s expanding portfolio of value-added network and subscriber services.