AFL provides industry-leading solutions, products and services to the electric utility, broadband, communications, OEM, enterprise, wireless and transit rail markets as well as the emerging markets of oil and gas, mining, nuclear, avionics, medical, renewable and intelligent grid. We manufacture, engineer and install fiber optic products and associated equipment. This includes fiber optic cable, transmission and substation accessories, outside plant equipment, connectors, fusion splicers, and test and inspection equipment.

AFL's service portfolio includes market-leading positions with the foremost communications companies supporting central office, outside plant, wireless and enterprise areas. Whether you need to build a network, upgrade your broadband system, expand a central office or connect a campus through fiber optics, AFL connects you with the solutions that fit your every need.

Fiber Optic Cable

AFL’s portfolio of fiber optic cable products is unmatched. Beginning with optical ground wire (OPGW), introduced in 1984 as AFL’s flagship product, the line now spans to fiber optic cabling solutions being used in the world’s harshest environments, including those above ground, below ground and even underwater.

Conductor Accessories

AFL’s conductor accessories provide superior performance and reliability for electric power utilities and rail companies. Drawing on the experience gained from over 80 years designing and manufacturing accessory products, AFL’s conductor accessories improve the reliability of critical electrical and optical infrastructure used for the transmission and distribution of electricity.

Fiber Outside Plant

With decades of experience, AFL’s outside plant products are tried and tested like no others. AFL’s experience in the field is proven success that you can count on for products you deploy now and in the future. Products include sealed splice closures, aerial weathertight splice closures, splicing and distribution enclosures, fiber demarcation, fiber optic splice trays, and fiber storage units.

Fiber Inside Plant

AFL’s Inside Plant solutions connect your network to years of engineering and application-based research in optical termination and fiber management. From our high-volume connectivity lines through our innovative niche solutions we build products that answer the challenges of your business and your network. Products include cable assemblies, field installable connectors, equipment racks and interconnection panels, rack-mounted interconnect, wall-mounted interconnect, and passive optical components.

Test and Inspection

AFL's test and inspection products consistently meet and exceed customer needs. We deliver exceptional fiber optic test equipment and outstanding service. NOYES products are designed to provide accurate results every time. They are engineered to endure outside plant environments, and feature intuitive user interfaces that provide quick results without complicated training requirements. Product lines include optical time domain reflectometers (OTDRs), loss test kits, inspection and cleaning, fiber identifiers, fault locators and more.

Fusion Splicing

AFL proudly supplies and services the premier fusion splicing product line offered in North America–Fujikura’s “State of the ARC” fusion splicing solutions. Fujikura’s pioneering spirit and keen focus on exceptional quality over the past three decades have established Fujikura as the leader in fusion splicing technology and product value.

Aluminum Clad Steel

AFL’s aluminum clad steel products are manufactured with a high-purity aluminum powder compacted around a high-strength steel rod. With subsequent applications of heat and pressure, a bimetallic rod with a dense, inseparably welded cladding is obtained.

Rail Transit Systems

AFL leads the rail transit industry with our Dossert family of products. In 2008, AFL acquired Dossert, the premium manufacturer of cast and fabricated connectors for electric utility and rail applications. AFL’s complete system solution is available in low voltage DC or high voltage AC for electrified transit systems including high-speed rail, light rail, trolley, 3rd rail, mining, and fiber optics for communications

Copper Apparatus

AFL’s copper apparatus product line leads the industry by providing best-in-class products exceeding customer expectations. Copper apparatus includes telecommunication demarcation products, network interface devices (NIDs), enclosures, line modules and passive electronics. Products include NIDs, enclosures, and passive electronics.


AFL offers a complete line of cleaning supplies to remove common contaminants from fiber optic connectors. Dust, dirt, oils and other particles accumulate on optical connectors and can completely block signals. Quickly reduce costly downtime to your fiber optic network with AFL’s cleaning supplies.