ADVA Optical Networking

ADVA Optical Networking

ADVA Optical Networking is a global provider of telecommunications equipment. With innovative Optical+Ethernet transport solutions, we build the foundation for high-speed, next-generation networks.

Leveraging our core competencies in Optical+Ethernet technologies together with our expertise in enterprise applications, we are focused on delivering end-to-end solutions from enterprise customer sites to core and regional telecommunications carriers. We have developed a carrier-class portfolio - the Fiber Service Platform (FSP) family of products - which is explicitly designed to enhanced services, simplify networks and reduce the total cost of ownership.


Synchronization is one of the key topics in future mobile backhaul applications. Small cells and LTE-Advanced in particular will require many mobile operators and backhaul service providers to rebuild or upgrade their current backhaul infrastructure.

Part 1: Synchronization Requirements and Technology

The IEEE 1588 standards describe a hierarchical master-slave architecture for clock distribution. Under this architecture, a time distribution system consists of one or more communication media (network segments), and one or more clocks. SyncE, is an ITU-T standard that facilitates the transference of clock signals over the Ethernet physical layer.

Part 2: SyncE & 1588

The adoption of Ethernet as a carrier-class access technology is occurring at a rapid pace. Our FSP 150 Ethernet access solution enables you to deliver MEF-certified Carrier Ethernet services with carrier-class performance, scalability and resiliency.

Part 3: Building a Sync Network Using FSP 150

Long Haul Transport

Scalable multi-reach WDM systems provide the lowest-cost-per-bit transport solution for backbone network.

Metro Core Transport

Optical+Ethernet networking provides unlimited bandwidth, supports all established bit rates and protocols and is by far the most flexible and scalable solution for metro core infrastructure.

Wireline Backhaul

Optical+Ethernet transport solutions with WDM-PON extension enable service providers to deliver more bandwidth to more customers while eliminating active equipment in their access and backhaul networks.

Wireless Backhaul

Intelligent Ethernet access and transport solutions provide a future-proof backhaul platform for 2G, 3G and 4G cell towers, ensuring that wireless carriers can support bandwidth-intensive mobile applications of today and tomorrow.

Ethernet Access

Intelligent Ethernet access devices deliver differentiated services via a unitary interface to meet the increasing demand for Ethernet services.

SAN Connectivity

Mirroring company data to ensure business continuity and disaster recovery requires optical networks to satisfy huge bandwidth requirements, low latency and aggressive cost targets.

Packet Optical Transport

Growth in packet-based data and video services is best supported by integrated Optical+Ethernet technology that allows for oversubscription and aggregated traffic handoff in metro networks.

Grid / Cloud Computing

Optical networks support the high bandwidth, low latency and specific protocol demands of high performance computing networks.

Corporate Backbone

Providing local area network performance across large geographically dispersed areas increases the efficiency of corporate networking.

Fiber Assurance

A monitored fiber network monitoring solution provides operators with a microscopic understanding of their infrastructure. It makes fiber failure isolation simple. By employing a specifically designed fiber network solution, faults and errors are accurately revealed where a faults occur and enable immediate, targeted actions before services are affected.