With more than 40 years in the telecommunications industry, 3M Communication Markets Division offers one of the widest and most comprehensive suite of scalable solutions to communications service providers around the world from underground and buried plant, to central office, premises and more. Proven systems from 3M optimize network testing, construction, locating and maintenance for faster, more reliable high-bandwidth transmissions; enable physical media-layer capabilities for FTTP and DSL deployments from central office to customer premises; and deliver fiber optics technologies to leverage existing infrastructure or install completely new networks.

Outside Plant

3M provides scalable solutions to telecommunications service providers, local exchange carriers and PTTs around the world. Our products, systems and services optimize network construction and maintenance for faster, more reliable high-bandwidth transmissions. Products include copper splicing, splice protection, cross-connects, diagnostic testing equipment, locating and marking products, and network accessories.

Aerial or Buried Fiber Plant

3M outside plant (OSP) product designs focus on ease of installation and low maintenance, together with the highest reliability. From splicing or terminating to protection from the environment, 3M offers fiber solutions that you can count on for voice, data and video transport throughout your network.

Should you need to access the buried or underground portion of your hybrid fiber coax (HFC) infrastructure, this can be done safely and accurately thanks to 3M™ Dynatel™ Marking and Locating solutions.

Central Office

3M central office solutions can easily be combined with individual frames, racks or cabinets. The result is efficient and reliable high-speed deployments and POTS applications. The product portfolio includes a variety of cross-connect blocks, with the appropriate cabinets and frames. Included are cross-connect blocks with integrated xDSL splitters and test access functionality. The product portfolio has gained industry acceptance and recognition for ease of termination, transmission performance and cost effectiveness. Products like the 3M™ ID3000™ Block System, 3M™ SID™ System, or 3M™ Cross-Connect Blocks STG, or the 3M™ MODF/RFO are among the most popular products.

Test and Measurement

3M™ Dynatel™ Diagnostic Testing Equipment provide the ability to quickly and accurately analyze and troubleshoot the local loop for customers providing enhanced customer services, such as fast Internet and data access, video on demand and technologies such as ADSL2+, HDSL and SDSL.