Fiber Cable

To better support new fiber cable stocking initiatives, Walker and Associates recently completed construction of an outdoor fiber cable yard at its warehouse facility, located in Winston-Salem, NC. This new resource, dedicated to stocking large fiber reels, enables Walker to support fiber cable demands from its customers. In addition to stocking the cable, Walker’s investment in equipment to cut cable to customer specified orders, provides expanded opportunities to meet the growing demand for fiber cable.

Walker currently stocks bulk cable from manufacturers such as CommScope and Corning, in addition to the fiber equipment necessary for FTTx projects, central office redesigns and more. This expansion solidifies Walker’s goal of providing a single source for customer needs. Through their engineering services, Walker assists customers with network design. Their expansive range of logistics services provides customers with worry-free supply chain management. Additional services include managed services such as monitoring, remote support, Network Operations Center (NOC) services, Security Operations Center (SOC) services, and more.

Fiber cutting, re-spooling and maintaining and inventory of bulk fiber cable is positioning Walker to support customer needs in even greater capacities. While fiber availability shortages continue to challenge US carriers, Walker is uniquely poised to provide not only the fiber cable, but also the associated equipment and services that matter to anyone involved in designing, building and maintaining growing networks.

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