April 23rd, 2019 Columbus, OH OTA 124th Annual Convention
April 25th, 2019 Newport, OR OTA Outside Plant Seminar 2019
May 6th, 2019 Santa Ana Pueblo, NM ANMTA Spring Conference 2019
May 14th, 2019 Baltimore, MD AFCEA TechNet Cyber 2019
May 14th, 2019 Fargo, ND NDTA TOC Conference and Showcase
May 20th, 2019 Valdez, AK ATA Annual Meeting 2019
May 20th, 2019 Lake Geneva, WI WSTA Annual Convention 2019
May 21st, 2019 Lincoln, NE NTA Spring Conference and Annual Meeting 2019
May 22nd, 2019 Lexington, KY KTA Annual Meeting 2019
June 2nd, 2019 St. Louis, MO OTA/ATA Summer Conference 2019
June 3rd, 2019 Orlando, FL Fiber Connect 2019
June 9th, 2019 Osage Beach, MO ITA Annual Convention 2019
June 10th, 2019 St. Paul, MN INDATEL Business Symposium 2019
June 17th, 2019 Fort Worth, TX UTC Telecom & Technology 2019
June 26th, 2019 Wrightsville Beach, NC Tri-State Telecom Conference 2019
July 8th, 2019 Hershey, PA PTA 117th Annual Convention 2019
July 28th, 2019 Boston, MA NCMA World Congress 2019
August 20th, 2019 Augusta, GA TechNet Augusta 2019
September 25th, 2019 Fort Worth, TX ISE EXPO 2019
September 30th, 2019 New Orleans, LA SCTE Cable Tec Expo 2019
October 15th, 2019 Mountain View, CA NASA Ames Cyber Security and Awareness and IT Day
November 19th, 2019 Honolulu, HI TechNet Indo-Pacific