Custom Network Kits

Walker can save you time and money with custom network deployment services. As a national distributor, we represent over 400 different manufacturers. That gives us the ability to combine multiple part numbers from a variety of manufacturers as one part number, customized for you. This way, you don’t have to search for them each time you purchase. Your custom network kit serves as one line item on a purchase order, so you’ll never waste time and resources selecting parts. The choices are really limitless!

Wireless LAN Solution Kit

Simplify your ordering process by using Walker’s ADTRAN Bluesocket kits for your Wireless LAN deployments. Each kit contains the Bluesocket AP device, the AP license, and the basic care maintenance package (required with purchase).

IP Switch and Cameras

Utilize ports on your existing carrier-grade Juniper switch to monitor remote cell towers, POP’s or colo’s with D-Link’s DCS POE indoor/outdoor cameras. Gain security and peace of mind knowing your network is supported by the industries most advanced switch from Juniper, and D-Link cameras providing real time monitoring of your onsite assets.

Ethernet Service Extension

Maximize your existing infrastructure by taking advantage of ADVA’s FSP150-T1804. Our solution kit allows you to provide Ethernet service extension over bonded T1/E1 facilities. The end users experience crisp, carrier-grade experience with Mitel 6731 SIP phones aggregated into the Juniper EX4200 POE switch.

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