Customer Asset Management Program

Customer Asset Management Program (CAMP)

Maximizing resources through effective allocation, tracking and reporting is within your reach. Since 1970, Walker has assisted customers with more than simply acquiring inventory to build networks. We know how to save you money, make you more efficient and more profitable.

CAMP enables customers to outsource logistics support for customer owned material. We stock and distribute your products as needed, and arrange shipping to you in tandem with other, newly ordered product. 

You choose the level of CAMP service you need. Our services can be selected as individual programs or a combination of CAMP services for a multi-faceted program, bringing value to your business.

Through our extensive logistics expertise, Walker will customize a package to meet your specific requirements and provide a tailored CAMP solution which includes the following services:

  • Warehousing, logistics, and management of customer owned inventory
  • Bar-coding and scanning
  • Asset tagging
  • Serial number tracking
  • Web based asset reporting and tracking
  • Customized network deployment kits
  • Software and firmware loading
  • Configuration loading
  • Customer owned/consignment inventory management

Contact us today to learn more and see for yourself how CAMP can impact your bottom line.