Cable TV

The backbone and distribution of today’s cable network infrastructure must perform better than ever and carry more complex, high-value traffic to support additional products and services. This traffic can include performance heavy applications such as video, HD video on demand (VOD), mobile devices, interactive media, VPN, and VoIP services. By meeting these service needs in a multi-play environment, cable providers can increase revenues. The challenge is to integrate existing cable network solutions with new IP-based network solutions to form a multi-service network architecture.

Walker and Associates has years of experience helping cable providers lower network costs through consolidation, investment protection, as well as provide the solutions to generate new revenue streams through value-added services.

Examples of solutions we offer cable TV providers include:

Aggregation/Core Switching and Routing

Build the backbone of your network on high-speed switching and routing with next-generation solutions that provide a platform for growth. Walker’s switching and routing solutions are designed to simplify network management and improve QoS.


Create reliable, high performing network connectivity with an end-to-end copper and fiber cable solution to meet requirements for any networking application.

SIP Trunking

Migrate TDM services to broadband access and meet the demands of enterprises moving to IP PBX and SIP Trunking. Business PBX trunking solution enables service providers to deliver VoIP trunking, virtual PBX, SIP trunking and voice VPN services to enterprises and SMBs.

Mobile Backhaul

Build a mobile backhaul network optimized for today’s mobile world with versatile deployment options to meet a variety of applications.

Power Solutions

Protect your network with power protection and power management solutions for any networking and data center application. These product solutions include UPS systems, power distribution units (PDU’s), power management tools, surge suppressors, AC/DC power, and more.


Maximize your telecommunications network performance with precise time and frequency synchronization solution to create a secure, fast, and cost-effective cable network infrastructure.