Broadband Delivery

Walker and Associates offers service providers a multitude of network design options for deploying broadband services. Broadband access and delivery is a key driver of economic growth. The ability to share large amounts of information at ever-greater speeds increases productivity, facilitates commerce, and drives innovation. Broadband is changing how we communicate, educate, entertain, and work with each other. Increasingly, it is a determining factor in where we live, which is why broadband is particularly critical in rural areas, where advanced communications can shrink the distances that isolate remote communities.

Carrier Ethernet

Carrier Ethernet offers a price performance leadership and investment protection in the face of increased bandwidth requirements for residential and business services.

Multi-Service Access

Today’s converging network is often a mix of TDM, Ethernet, and DSL protocols supporting voice, video and data applications. Walker provides solutions and the expertise that enable service providers to offer their business customers a seamless migration path from TDM-based services to enhanced triple-play services.

Optical Transport

Networks that are built on a scalable optical foundation can grow with changing business demands. Walker delivers future-proof optical transport solutions that will scale to tomorrow’s unconstrained data transport needs.

Mobile Backhaul

Keep pace with today’s increasing demand for mobile communication with a mobile backhaul solution that will expand capacity at a lower cost, while providing the necessary service, reliability, and quality of experience. Walker’s strong partnerships with leading manufacturer partners and its ability to deploy multi-vendor solutions allow for specialized backhaul communications solutions to meet your needs.

Timing and Synchronization

The quality of timing and synchronization that telecommunication operators put into their network impacts the Quality of Service (QoS) of their voice, video and data services. Superior timing solutions and reliable synchronization means better QoS maximizing network performance.