Ensemble SmartWAN Wins Light Reading Award for Most Innovative NFV Product Strategy

Austin, TX

Posted on: May 16, 2017

Open Virtual SD-WAN Platform Applauded for Removing Limitations and Providing Choice


 Ensemble, a division of ADVA Optical Networking, announced today that its SmartWAN platform has won Light Reading’s Leading Lights Award for Most Innovative NFV Product Strategy (Vendor). Presented last night in Austin, Texas, on the eve of the Big Communications Event, the award recognizes the value of Ensemble’s open virtualized networking platform for deploying and managing virtual SDWAN and other NFV services at scale. With Ensemble SmartWAN, communication service providers (CSPs) can deploy SD-WAN in an automated and virtualized fashion, enabling low-cost, flexible VPN services with more features than any other available platform, all hosted on universal customer premises equipment (uCPE). The solution was chosen from a shortlist of SD-WAN technologies from major industry players, featuring Huawei, Netcracker and Versa Networks.

“For our SmartWAN to win in such a competitive field shows the value of our vision for SD-WAN. We’re transforming it from today’s monolithic application to part of a disaggregated service offering,” said Prayson Pate, CTO, Ensemble Division, ADVA Optical Networking. “Our SmartWAN addresses a key gap in today’s marketplace. Built on the principles of NFV and cloud-native infrastructure, including MANO functionality, it enables CSPs to offer managed SD-WAN solutions in an automated and virtualized way while retaining the ability to efficiently deploy additional value-added applications on top. This approach enables enterprises to leverage these virtualized, feature-rich services at a much lower cost. SmartWAN is consistent with our vision of open, multi-vendor NFV. It’s part of a uCPE model that incorporates hosting of software-based VNFs on white box COTS servers and the depolyability and scalability features that are essential for operator success.”

Ensemble SmartWAN enables SD-WAN to be part of an orchestrated, dynamic and virtualized service portfolio. It utilizes Ensemble Connector and other elements of the Ensemble suite to provide the ideal virtual infrastructure for secure hosting of SD-WAN and other best-of-breed VNFs. This combination delivers benefits for enterprises who are free from ties to vendor-specific technology and can take advantage of the benefits of NFV in conjunction with their SD-WAN deployments. At the same time, it presents new opportunities for CSPs. Rather than threatening their lucrative VPN revenue base, Ensemble SmartWAN enables them to roll out managed SD-WAN offerings. Ensemble SmartWAN is supported by a number of key partners, including Silver Peak and Versa Networks, and is in testing with several global tier 1 organizations.

“This award is clear recognition of our vision for SD-WAN. Our solution is open, simple and beneficial to all parties. Our SmartWAN takes SD-WAN to the next level so that more end users can streamline operations and remove IT obstacles, while CSPs can realize more business opportunities,” commented James Buchanan, general manager, Ensemble Division, ADVA Optical Networking. “Deploying SD-WAN transforms an organization’s network connectivity. But with current solutions, the benefits of agility and flexibility all too often come at the expense of added burden on IT departments. Our approach means enterprises can enjoy all the advantages with none of the operational headaches. And for CSPs, Ensemble SmartWAN helps to fulfil the ultimate goal of delivering more high-value services.”

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