RDG Filings uses Roanoke's Municipal Broadband Services to support more than 1,000 Publically Traded Customers from new facility Salem, VA

Roanoke, VA

Posted on: Mar 02, 2017

RDG Filings, a provider of software tools and full-service XBRL & Securities and Exchange Commission EDGAR filing services, is the latest local customer to move their business to the new Roanoke Valley Broadband Authority's Municipal Internet Service Network.

Located in Salem, VA, the 21 year old company, a subsidiary of Research Data Group, Inc. of San Francisco, CA, is the 5th largest, full-service XBRL and EDGAR filing agent in the nation and employs 14 local professionals. According to Jonathan Elliott, Chief Operating Officer, the decision to select RVBA to connect their new facility was easy.

"We run a 24/7 internet and software intensive compliance business requiring reliable and redundant connections. The big local providers just can't supply it. We've had them all and the number of breakdowns in service with no explanation is staggering. When we relocated our offices from downtown Roanoke to Salem we were searching for an alternative. We came across the RVBA, and I was really impressed that there was such an effort underway and that they already had 50 miles of fiber in the ground."

RDG Filings now has a redundant, synchronous connection, consistent 100 mbps upload and 100 mbps download speed. The new facility is also connected from two distinct ports, one on each side of the building. If there were an outage, their network connection is built to automatically reroute so that it would take two simultaneous fiber cuts to take out service.

"The big providers just don't make available the kind of service that the RVBA provides. I've been told many times that will change in the near future but I have yet to see it change," Elliott said.

RDG Filings cites network reliability redundancy, equipment quality, network capacity, speed, cost, disaster recovery planning, and basic communication procedures as the key factors that drove them to turn to the RVBA for next generation connectivity.

"With RVBA we know who we need to talk to and we know how fast we can get to them," Elliott said. "With the RVBA, updates are being done by real people. We appreciate that, and I know a lot of folks in this area appreciate that personal touch."

About the RVBA

In 2011, at the urging of several concerned citizens and local business owners, four regional municipalities (The City of Salem, The City of Roanoke, Roanoke County and The County of Botetourt) four municipalities took action to form the Roanoke Valley Broadband Authority (RVBA). The goal was to expand the regional broadband infrastructure and make it easier for both new and existing providers to deploy their technology across the Roanoke Valley. The RVBA was tasked with driving measurable improvements to fiber-optic Internet accessibility, affordability, reliability, and Internet speeds for the purposes of advancing the long-term economic prospects of the region.

After a nine-month build out, in April of 2016, the new regional, carrier-grade, open-access network was launched with great public fanfare. In September of 2016, the RVBA was promptly recognized with the Virginia Governor's Award for Technology and called out as a shining example of cross-boundary collaboration and forward thinking economic development planning. In February of 2017, the RVBA began their phase two build out, adding another 25 miles to the existing network.

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About RDG Filings

RDG Filings (RDG) is the fifth largest, full-service XBRL & EDGAR filing agent in the United States. RDG Filings provides consistent service, compliance tools, valuable experience, and unparalleled expertise for more than 1300 clients, including over 300 members of the S&P 500. RDG is privately held and a subsidiary of Research Data Group, Inc.

Research Data Group was founded as the data division of Research Magazine in 1985. It became an independent entity in 1998 and has gone on to help public companies and mutual funds fulfill a variety of SEC requirements regarding Total Return Performance Graphs, custom reporting solutions for Executive Compensation Metrics, Peer Group comparisons, and consulting services for other various areas of SEC compliance.

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