Exalt Communications

Exalt Communications

Exalt Communications designs, manufactures and markets next generation wireless backhaul systems for service providers and enterprises worldwide. Exalt products are designed to solve the network bottlenecks associated with the growing demand for IP- based voice, data and video applications and the resulting migration from TDM to IP-based networks, including LTE. With a flexible architecture and technology-agnostic product platform covering multiple market segments, Exalt provides a full range of carrier-class microwave radio systems that meet the demand for a cost-effective and flexible alternative to fiber and leased lines.

Exalt is widely recognized for developing the first carrier-class TDD radios and was one of the first and still one of only a few manufacturers offering both native TDM and native Ethernet transport on the same platform.

The company’s product portfolio includes a wide range of both licensed and license-exempt radios covering all popular frequency bands ranging from 2 – 40 GHz and all configurations including all-indoor, all-outdoor, and split-mount (indoor/outdoor) configurations. Exalt has over 300 product certifications in 40 countries and is the only microwave radio manufacturer offering a comprehensive line of both licensed and license-exempt products.

Cellular Backhaul

Exalt offers a full line of both licensed and license-exempt radio systems, expanding the range of options available to address the site-specific backhaul challenges. Exalt’s license-exempt systems feature CarrierTDD™ technology, making them the only TDD radios in the world used by Tier 1 mobile carriers for cellular backhaul.

Long Haul Communications

Exalt offers an ever-expanding portfolio of point-to-point microwave radio systems designed to meet the high capacity multi-service delivery needs as well as the operational efficiency requirements of wireline carriers.

IP Backhaul

Exalt point-to-point microwave radios are uniquely suited to address both the inefficiencies associated with leased lines and the feature set that WISPs need to better differentiate their services and manage their costs.

Fiber Extension

Exalt radio systems provide exceptional user throughput and are available in three physical configurations with multiple interface options to meet myriad fiber extension scenarios. Exalt radio systems support low latency, carrier-class 99.999% availability and unparalleled performance.

Campus Connectivity

Microwave radio systems from Exalt are ideal for interconnecting campus buildings, and include a rich feature set that makes them ideal candidates for campus connectivity applications.

Disaster Recovery and Network Backup

Exalt microwave products are ideal for enterprises and mobile operators who want to take control of their infrastructure and deliver increased availability from outages and disasters. Exalt offers a wide variety of high capacity, carrier-class microwave radios for either licensed or license-exempt bands in various physical configurations. All are cost-effective for both TDM circuits and IP data regardless of frequency band.

Infrastructure Monitoring and Control

Exalt understands the technical and financial challenges involved in migrating existing TDM microwave infrastructure to IP/Ethernet. Designed to address just such a scenario, all Exalt radio systems support both TDM and Ethernet, natively, and can allocate bandwidth between the two in whatever combination current and future traffic demands require. Exalt systems include a rich feature set that make ideal for a tremendous range of security, monitoring and control applications.